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On 01.10.2015, was held meeting of the Board of cooperation and trust with the public at the Faculty of Tourism at the University of Tourism and Management in Skopje.

The session was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Tourism, Assoc. Dr. Sasko Gramatnikovski, a representative of the Board of the Founder of cooperation and trust with the public of UTMS. The session voted unanimously president of the board of cooperation and trust with the public at the Faculty of Tourism to be Angel Ivanov, owner and manager of TA Adriatic Mavrovo, and his deputy, Danela Arsovska, president of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce.

All board members actively participated in the meeting and discussed the proposals for the annual work program of the Board, developing strategy and UTMS and the Faculty, reviewed proposals for clinical teaching topics, suggested possibilities for mutual projects and contracts in order to strengthen mutual Cooperation between the Faculty and the business sector.


  1. Angel Ivanov, Hotel Adriatic Inn, Skopje, T.A. Adriatic Mavrovo, General Manager (President)
  2. Danela Arsovska, Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, President
  3. Kristijan Dzambazovski, Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism, Director
  4. Shovket Hazari, Ministry of Economy, State advisor for tourism
  5. Dimche Smilev, City of Skopje Local Economic Development Department, Head of Department
  6. Liljana Mostrova, Ministry of Culture, Department of Art and Culture, Head of Department
  7. Sonja Bibanovska, Catering Industry and Tourism Association (Economic Chamber of Macedonia), President, Hotel Holiday Inn, Skopje, General Manager
  8. Arkan Kerim, Tourism Chamber (Macedonian Chambers of Commerce), President, T.A. Generalturist, General Manager
  9. Kiro Nikolovski, T.A. Avio-Tours, Skopje, Manager
  10. Slave Sirachevski, Hotel Aurora Resort and Spa, Berovo, General Manager
  11. Aleksandar Dzikovski, Hotel Arka, Skopje, General Manager
  12. Olivera Dzekic, Assotiation of Tourist Guides and Companion of Macedonia, President
  13. Mihajlo Peshev, T.A. Kompas, Skopje, General Manager (Retired)
  14. Nevena Popovska, Weekly Magazine Republika, Journalist
  15. Sashko Gramatnikovski, University of Tourism and Management, Skopje, Dean


On 02.11.2011, within the frame of the University of Tourism and Management, Skopje, an Advisory Board has been established. This Board consists of 12 members and its Chairman is Mr. Vanja Bitoljanu . This board was founded to help the work of the Faculty of Tourism, and thus, indirectly, to have a positive impact on the development of tourism in the country.  The Advisory Council is composed of experienced professionals in the field of tourism, hotel and media, in order to raise tourism as an economic generator and to provide additional investments in this sector. The members of the board, on their meetings, have already begun to review the current challenges in the field of tourism and started developing various research initiatives. The establishment of the advisory body "University of Tourism and Management," is unique and goes a step ahead of other institutions, thus gives a contribution to the promotion and development of tourism in the country and abroad.


1.Vanja Bitoljanu - General Manager of TA Palasturist - Skopje, General Manager of Paler - Macedonia, dedicated his life on tourism.
2. Done Tanevski - Chairman of the Board of Makedonijaturist - Skopje.
3. Goce Chakareski – General Manager of hotel Biser, general manager of hotel DRIM, all his life dedicated to hotel management.
4. Novak Lukic - general manager of the hotel - Flamingo Casino - Gevgelija.
5. Ilija Smilev - Chairman of the Board of Interimpex - Skopje, CEO of AVIOIMPEKS, whole working life in tourism.
6. Zoran Nikolovski - Head of Tourism at the Ministry of Economy.
7. Dimche Smilev - Head of the Tourism Sector Skopje.
8. Atanas Rizov – general manager of the office of CROATIA  AIRLINES - Skopje.
9. Mihajlo Peshev – General manager of Compass - Skopje, all life in tourism.
10. Kiro Nikolovski - Chief of AVIOTURS - Skopje.
11. Goran Mihajlovski - Chief editor of the daily NEWS.
12. Marjan Stojmenov – Chief of the Plaza hotels in Skopje, Mavrovo.