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About Faculty | Marketing

The conceptual goals of the Faculty of International Marketing Management are aimed at producing staff to perform the most complex marketing activities in the private companies or state non-profit institutions, acquiring knowledge and skills in the field of communications and public relations that are directed towards the further profiling of staff in the field of high management.

VisionThe Faculty of International Marketing Management should produce marketing managers, who are among the best paid professionals in the country and beyond, primarily due to the need of this profession in the wide spectrum of companies.

By providing knowledge, skills and competencies, the Faculty of International Marketing Management, should offer graduate staff in accordance with the requirements of the markets or graduate professionals who can fit into the strategies of promoting and selling goods and services applied in the world. The students of the Faculty of International Marketing Management should become professionals who will offer exceptional marketing, which at any moment will reduce the risks of jeopardizing companies. The vision of the faculty is producing highly educated staff in the area of ​​marketing management, which should provide confidence among customers i.e. that they become loyal customers.


The Faculty of International Marketing Management, will produce a higher profile in the field of marketing management, through continuous involvement of the Faculty in projects (domestic and international), which will be assessed to contribute towards improving the quality of knowledge and skills of students as well as in projects through which students will be exposed to individual abilities, talents and so on.

Certainly the quality of graduate staff is the result of extensive experience and knowledge of the teaching staff, which are constantly trained by the participation in international congresses and conferences in the field of marketing management. That means a step forward, a step ahead, a step towards unity of teaching and teaching staff, towards graduate staff, towards not only the development of the Faculty within the University, but the overall economic development of the country. The mission of the Faculty of International Marketing Management states, those long-term goals can be attained only by cosmopolitan views and attitudes, which can be ensured through scientific and professional collaboration with similar faculties abroad.