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06.12.2011, under the "University of Tourism and Management in Skopje", established Advisory Board - an advisory body which has 6 members, and the president is Mr. Draskovic Vaska, Development Coordinator, CIRA. This body was formed in order to give professional and application support in the work of the School of Human Resource Management. Advisory Council is composed of experienced professionals namenadzhmentot human resources that will contribute to improving the competitiveness of students and enable them to efficiently and effectively manage intellectual capital. Board members, meetings have already begun to review the current predzvici the field of human resources management as well as to develop various research initiatives. With the establishment of the Advisory Committee "University of Tourism and Management," is a unique and a step ahead of other institutions.

  1. Vaska Draskovic, Development Coordinator, CIRA - Chairman of the Board
  2. Angela Ristova, director of human resources management sector, Ohrid Bank
  3. Katerina Trpeska Nikolic, coordinator sector human resource management, Makedonski Telekom
  4. Darko Petkovski, director of human resources management sector, EVN-Skopje
  5. Ilija Penov, Director of Development, Capital Bank
  6. Juliana Stojanova, head of the department for Human Resources Management and Training, Ministry of Defence