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The Advisory Board of the Faculty of Entrepreneurial Business consists of seven members, all of which are renowned in their retrospective areas. President of the Advisory Board is Ms. Beti Delovska, MSc. The board was founded to serve as a connection of the Faculty with the business sector. Since all the members are experienced professionals, they can contribute to the successful presentation of the Faculty, and offer their knowledge in a form of lecture or presentation to the students. Also, they are fully engaged and committed to ensure that teaching and course programs of the Faculty are relevant and correspond directly with the practice. The members of the Advisory Board suggest and discuss ideas for promotion of the entrepreneurship and the improvement of the methods and techniques for managing the business activities according to the new trends in the business world.


  • Ljubisa Nikolovski, Agency for promotion of Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Macedonia, Head of Department for Coordination and Institutional Support
  • Suzana Arsova Kostadinova, Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia, Deputy Head of Department for entrepreneurship and competitiveness of SMEs
  • Rozita Talevska Hristovska, Business Start-up Centre Bitola, General Manager
  • Stojmirka Taseva, Chamber of Commerce, Advisor of the Board of Directors
  • Marija Georgievska, Nasha TV, Editor of TV show Profit
  • Beti Delovska, BASME Consulting & Training, General Manager
  • Goran Antevski, Rade Koncar TEP, General Manager