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About Faculty | Entrepreneurial Business

The high standards of educational institutions are imperative not only in terms of provision and implementation of quality educational programs, but also in terms of acceptance and validation of the future professionals in the labor market. In accordance with the new trends in business and the need to improve the methods and techniques of business management, the University of Tourism and Management offers its studies at the Faculty of Entrepreneurial Business.
The vision of the Faculty of Entrepreneurial Business is to become a leading manufacturer of managerial staff for all business areas in the country and abroad through the recognition of diplomas, therefore, building the international reputation of the University.

The mission of the Faculty of Entrepreneurial Business is to create high quality personnel and to prepare leaders who will be able to face the challenges and emerging trends in the business sector, providing them with the latest knowledge in accordance with current conditions and developments at the national and global level, thus obtaining the necessary skills and competencies for making appropriate business decisions and successfully managing and developing the organizations and institutions in the future.
We are recognized for our innovative approach to education in the field of entrepreneurship, which is based on the values and vision that focuses on sustainability and management integrity. The modern way of managing organizations inevitably highlights the need for possession of managerial skills among employees of each organizational level that will allow them dealing with all the obstacles posed by the turbulent environment, as well as boldness and confidence, based on the acquired experience during their studies.


The Faculty of  Entrepreneurial Business provides a fulfill education on how to manage the financial, human and other resources, thus to be effective and efficient; how to make decisions in a different environments and changing conditions; how to manage risk and achieve the expected results and objectives; how to plan, organize, staff, lead and control the corporate processes.
Faculty of Entrepreneurial Business has professional teaching staff with different specialties from predicting consumer habits, creating business plans, corporate strategies, negotiation strategies and business leadership to creators of effective policies for corporate governance.


Driven by the desire to spread their knowledge about the world, our students gain international experience through the participation in various competitions, educational seminars and conferences, and through the practical lessons in successful companies and institutions in the country and abroad.

The priority goal of the Faculty of Entrepreneurial Business is to create personnel capable of engaging in the labor market for matters related to the entrepreneurship, innovations, and management. The study program of the entrepreneurial business provides the acquisition of the necessary knowledge and skills to make graduates become future entrepreneurial leaders, start a new business or be drivers of the innovation in an existing company.

It is a study program that profiles staff from the field of entrepreneurship, which is needed not only in the Republic of Macedonia, but also on a global level. The study programs are designed to provide professionalization and specialization for the future graduates, and through the harmonization of study programs and mutual cooperation with other similar higher education and scientific institutions, full compatibility with the study programs in the European higher education is achieved.

Before the preparation of the new study program, the Faculty made a comparative analysis of the study programs of the other related faculties in the Republic of Macedonia, as well as with the leading world universities and study programs. The study program on entrepreneurial business at the University of Tourism and Management in Skopje was prepared following the example of the Wharton School program, the University of Pennsylvania, which ranks 17th on the Shanghai list. The content of the study program in entrepreneurial business is more than 80% harmonized with the above program.