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The Curriculum upon which the Faculty of Tourism in Skopje will lead the teaching program preparing for the exam after which the candidates will gain the certificate and a title: Tour Guide in Macedonia.

The Curriculum upon which the Faculty of Tourism - Skopje will carry out the classes and the professional exam for travel companion in the Republic of Macedonia, also provides the candidates with a certificate, arising from the provisions of Articles 18 and 19 (45-a) Law Amending the Law on Tourism (Official Gazette no. 89/2008).

The Curriculum includes the following courses:

  1. Management of travel agencies
  2. Human resource management
  3. Marketing in tourism

Overview of the course:

This course is intended for those who want to introduce with the base of the café business.

The purpose of this training is to train the service providers and how to present their product to the customers in 8 steps.