OSense O-Sense
OSense O-Sense
OSense O-Sense


Dear students,

There is no secret to success
There is only faith, perseverance, and dedication
Each academic year passes walking, under construction, in a competition
Years filled with the fight of ideas
In creating of the brand UTMS

Dear students,
Build your house of knowledge on solid foundations
Be the bridge between knowledge, skill and creativity
Create a world full of ideas, innovations and criteria, because only in this way you will become professionals
Construct your future with the help of scientific disciplines offered by UTMS
Choose your real profession
Be a step ahead of the others
With the new methodology
With new challenges
That's why we are here
That's why is UTMS
Do not miss the opportunity to be the first
Be a part of the successful ones
Be a part of UTMS


University of Tourism and Management in Skopje
Prof. Ace Milenkovski PhD

Potpis Rektor Perduv